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titleAccommodations are not correct, how do I fix it?

The following steps should be completed when trying to troubleshoot accommodation issues.
Campuses should check their auto pilot alert to be sure you have viewed/accepted the student accommodations.

If all pending updates have been approved, the alert will be green. If problems still exist, campus users should contact the DTC.

At the district level, verify that the vendor file ran and if there is a mapping error to be corrected. Check the date in the message. (If it says published-No-Mapping Error, that means there are additional accommodations that need to be mapped.)

If there are mapping errors, click on the map name on the auto pilot page, and then click on All Acc. Check the big square white box for things that need to be mapped. Then check under each subject tab to ensure no accommodations need to be mapped under the specific subject.

Map the accommodations in the external accommodations box. Click submit and continue until they are all gone and when the box is empty. You may want to check the individual subject tabs as well for any additional accommodations. When finished, click the evaluate student data icon ( it looks like 2  arrows in a circle button), then click publish. This will publish the updates to the campuses.

Campuses will need to check their Auto Pilot alerts and view/accept them to complete the process.

If this does not fix the problem, it could be an issue with the map. The DTC should check mappings to see if there is an accommodation mapped incorrectly. If so, it can be deleted using the trash can icon, and remapped to the correct accommodation. (You must delete the accommodation association for all the subjects associated with the specific mapping). After fixing problems, be sure to evaluate and publish again. Have campuses check their alerts.

If you still have accommodations not showing, or showing incorrectly, the file can be pulled at the district level to see exactly what was sent by the vendor. Use the download icon beside the map name.

Still having issues? Please email or go to the help tab and submit a ticket with detailed information, campus, student ID, problematic accommodation.