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Beta includes TestHound features that are currently undergoing testing and are not available to everyone. If you are interested in being considered for our beta testing, please know space is limited and you must submit your request through our "Submit Help Ticket" at the bottom of this section. 

Currently we are testing for the following:

Multi-Session Testing (Instantiation)

Multi-Session Testing will be released this spring for beta testing to a limited number of districts. 

In order to be considered for inclusion in the beta testing, we are asking that all interested school districts submit a help ticket to TestHound Support with the subject of “Inclusion in Multi-Session Testing”. 

Please remember the number of beta testing sites will be limited and unfortunately not all districts that request access will be granted access this year.  Those who are provided access to the beta testing will be notified individually and provided with training webinars and information, all of which will be posted within the Help Tab as well.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to improve this feature in the beta period. If you have suggestions, be sure to submit them via support Ticket below and provide "Enhancement Request" in the subject line. We can not guarantee all suggestions will be implemented but we work hard to implement as many as we can. 

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