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The Materials section of TestHound incorporates several different areas of materials management identified below. Your materials management process may be determined by the materials vendor. 


Materials: Inventory 

When you select Materials > Inventory you will be prompted to select a test administration from the Select Admin drop‐down menu. 

After selecting a test administration, the Inventory table will be displayed (below). 

You will see a series of tabs across the top: Inventory, Transfers, Booklet Audit.

It is important to note that the Inventory tab will show no data until the Checklist is uploaded.

Once you click on the Inventory tab, the table lists the test materials assigned to your campus by the publisher.

This table lists the test materials assigned to your campus by testing vendor. The table identifies:

  • Type – the type of material (i.e. secure manual, test booklets, etc.)
  • Booklet – the number for a booklet
  • First Name – the first name of the student to whom the booklet is assigned
  • Last Name the last name of the student to whom the booklet is assigned
  • Enr– enrollment status of student
  • Precode – precode information assinged by the testing vendor
  • StateID – the state ID number for the student
  • Box– box number where a booklet is contained
  • AC – accountability code entry column

Selecting Materials > Inventory will allow you to:  

  • Upload checklists
  • View, initiate, and accept transfers
  • Scan in the test materials that you received from the publisher  
  • View missing test booklets  
  • Track booklet assignments


At the end of the test administration, after booklets are scanned back into TestHound, the Inventory table will be green only if all materials are scanned back into TestHound.

To upload your checklist, select Materials > Inventory, the click on the Upload Checklist arrow.

You will be prompted to upload your file. Click Choose File, locate your file, then click Upload.


Your checklist information will appear in the table.


If you upload the wrong file into your test/administration, it can be fixed. Simply click the Delete Checklist icon. A menu will pop up with the following options:

  • Selecting “Delete the checklist” will remove only the checklist. It will not delete any booklets nor will it remove booklets from students.
  • Selecting “Delete all non-boxed booklets”, will remove all booklets that are assigned to students and delete the booklet from the system.
  • Selecting both will delete the checklist, remove booklets from students, and delete all booklets.

Neither option removes students from a test. If you need to clear a test


Prior to scanning in your test materials, be sure that you have unpacked your publisher boxes of secure test materials and placed the packets of materials in numerical order by grade level for STAAR and subject for STAAR EOC exams.  


To begin scanning, you will first need to select the test administration from the Select Admin drop‐down for the secure test materials that you will be scanning in. 

After selecting the appropriate test administration, select the Receive Material icon to begin scanning in your materials.

TestHound allows you to scan in both individual test booklets and packets of materials.

TestHound will alert you that you need to ensure that you have accounted for all packets in the sequence and that you have counted the spines of the test booklets to ensure that each packet contains the correct number of booklets prior to scanning. After selecting Receive Material, click in the Start Range field (shown below).


Important: Be sure to check the quantities to make sure they are accurate based on what the test publisher has supplied to you.

Individual Scanning  

Individual Scanning

If you are scanning in an individual booklet, you will be prompted to scan in an End Range barcode number. Simply scan that same booklet number into the End Range field. The test booklet will be added to your inventory.  


Packet Scanning  

If you are scanning packets of test booklets into TestHound, click in the End Range field and scan or type in the barcode that corresponds to the last test booklet on the inventory checklist in your last packet of test materials for that grade or subject.

Confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the Scan In Inventory box detailing how many booklets you will be adding to your inventory. Be sure to verify the number against your packing sheet or checklist.

All items offically received from the checklist will appear under your Inventory tab.