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Once the STAAR data files have been loaded by the DTC, the CTCs will now have access to that data.  CTCs may view student test history by choosing the Students menu and then selecting a student’s name from the table.

When a student name is selected, the test data will be displayed below the Tests section.  Test data by administration and grade will be displayed.  Column headings will be color coded to indicate the status by subject.  EOC and grade level data will be displayed in separate data tables.

The first 2 digits are the administration and the last 2 are the year.




Color coding key:

  • Green – student met the passing standard for the subject
  • Red – student did not meet the passing for the subject
  • Blue – the student had an exclusion/do not test record put in (i.e. ARD exempt, Special LEP Provision, etc.)
  • Gray - if the student did not have a score code of "S" than the score code assigned to the student will be displayed

To view details of a test including scale score and performance standard met, select Test Details

If an exclusion  record needs to be entered for a student to complete their test history, the CTC will select Exclusion and choose New.  A window will pop-up prompting the CTC to complete information in each drop-down. 

The available types include:

  • ARD Exempt
  • Credit-by-Exam
  • English I Special LEP Provision
  • IGC
  • Out of State or Private School
  • Substitution Assessment
  • STAAR  Alternate 2
  • Waived CVD 19

Once all test data is loaded and exclusions are entered, CTCs can begin to set up their test sessions.  Students may be added to the test using the same methods as before, but CTCs will also find the ability to add students by Retesters to pull in those students that are not pulled in through the other addition features.

After students are added to test sessions, CTCs will be able to identify whether students need to test based on the color coding within the Test View.

Students may also be filtered by their status once added to a test session using the new By options:

  • PT: Exclude
  • PT: Met
  • PT: Not Met

The PT summary report is also a good way to see an overview of performance data for all your students. Click on Reports, choose Student PT summary.