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The Processing of Data Updates box gives a date and time that  the last student, teacher,  schedule, and demographic files (for performance track districts) were uploaded into TestHound. The DTC may choose to suspend nightly uploads of the Teachers file to prevent any changes campus users make on the teacher management page located in the  Campus Management Menu. File processing may also be disabled at the district level during summer to allow for summer testing consolidation.  To suspend any file uploads, click on the pencil icon. 

 Data alerts that are Red with the  NP designation indicates your has not published in the last three days.  A data alert that is Green with a P designation indicates the data did publish.  When a district level user turns off a data feed, that line will be Gray and say OFF. 

Hovering over the name of the file with your mouse will give you important information about the file so you can check with your district data department if there are problems.

When hoovering your mouse over the demographic file you, you will notice a message that alerts you to the percent % match your Demographic file is to your student file. A match indicates that a student exists in both the Student file and the Demographic file your district is sending TestHound. A match 90% and up is considered successful. If you notice your match is below 90% you may check with your district technology team to ensure the files being sent nightly are updated and matching.