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This page allows you to upload student schedule data and view the number of records per campus. 

Click here to go to the templates download page.

Selecting Student Schedules will show a list of campuses, along with the number of students associated with the campus and the records (schedule entries) entered into TestHound. The student schedules will be used when the campus administrator assigns students to a test session and when auto‐assigning students to test rooms.

Student schedules must be uploaded. To upload a student schedule file, click Upload Data.

When you click Upload Data, the following screen will open. You will be prompted to click Choose File and then select the student data file you wish to upload. Once you have chosen the file, click Upload.

Once the file has successfully uploaded, the Students window will show with the student data.

The warning message warns you that the changes made by uploading the new file cannot be undone; however, if new students have been enrolled in your district, you will want to upload a new student schedule file.

Student Schedule Data File Structure:

  • DistrictID – 6 digit county district number
  • CampusID – 3 digit campus ID (the leading zeroes will not hold in a CSV file)
  • StudentID – locally assigned student ID
  • Code – PEIMS course number
  • LocalName – name of course (i.e. Alg2, Eng 3, Chem, etc.)
  • Period – 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • Room – room at the campus where the class is held
    • This information should be entered in the district’s SIS (student information system) There will be one line for each course a student is enrolled in. 

The column headings in your file must match those listed above for the import to be successful. Additionally, the file must be a “.csv” file.