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This page allows you to control your list of test administrators that can be used during testing. You can add/remove test administrators.

Click here to go to the template download page.

Selecting Test Administrators from the District Management Menu will show you a list of test administrators in your district. Initially, 10 test administrators will be shown. To view additional test administrators, choose 10, 25, 100, 1000 or All from the View drop‐down menu.

Initially, no test administrators will be loaded in TestHound. There are two methods for adding test administrators. The easiest method for adding test administrators is to submit a file with all test administrators in your district to TestHound for automation. Another way to upload test administrators is manually through a file upload. To begin the manual file upload, click on Upload Data.  

Please note that you can include additional staff members on each campus. 

Batch Enrollment

When you click on Upload Data the following screen (as pictured below) will open. You will be prompted to click on Choose File and then select the test administrators data file you wish to upload. Once you have chosen the file, click on Upload. Note: Be sure to include all campuses in the file you are uploading.  Attempting to load one campus at a time will override the previous file uploaded.

Once the file has successfully uploaded, the Test Administrators window will be populated with the test administrators data.

Test Administrator Data File Structure:

  • DistrictID – 6-digit county district number
  • CampusID – 3-digit campus ID (the leading zeros will not hold in a csv file)
  • SPID – teacher/staff ID
  • FirstName
  • MiddleName
  • LastName
  • Email

 The column headings in your file must match those listed above for the import to be successful. Additionally, the file must be a “.csv” file.

Note: If you are sending a file via SMS through SFTP, you don’t need to manually load a teacher file.

Add New Test Administrator - Individual Enrollment

You do not have to upload a new file each time you need to add a new test administrators. You may also load test administrators data individually. To do so, click on New at the top of your test administrators list.

After clicking on New, the screen below will appear. You will be prompted to enter:

  • The associated campus for the test administrator member
  • Staff ID
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Check the box next to Available

 Once the required fields have been completed, click Submit to create the new test administrators account.

If at any time the DTC wishes to turn off nightly data uploads for test administrators, it can be accomplished from the home page.  This is typically used during summer testing. To do so, click the pencil icon to the left of Status.

You will see a list of settings for each of your district's automation files. Teacher files and all other files can be suspended from nightly automation by clicking the box to the left of each file option.

On the District Management home page, you will see that any suspended files will be highlighted in red. To activate nightly automation again, click the pencil icon to the left and remove the check mark from the appropriate Suspend boxes.