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This page allows you to add tests to district created administrations, manage the subject and grade level from this page.  You can also configure and adjust booklet verification for test administrations.

To create a new test within the test administration, choose the administration, then click New.

You will need to complete the following fields on the Tests screen.

  • SELECT ADMIN – choose a test administration the test belongs to
  • TYPE (2 choices)
    • Course OR
    • Grade
  • GRADE - Choose the appropriate course or grade
  • SUBJECT - The subject selected will determine the subject area accommodations pulled
  • TITLE of test

Once all fields are complete, click Submit.

Repeat this process to finish creating all tests within the test administration.

Repeat the steps above to add all appropriate grade level and subject area tests for the test administration.

Note:  Additional tests can only be added to local assessments. Tests are only accessible by campuses that have the assigned grade levels and courses associated with each test. For example, elementary schools won't have access to secondary tests and visa versa. 

Booklet Verification:

You have the ability to update booklet verification options for individual test administrations. Clicking the blue icon,, at the top right of the Tests box will produce a popup menu showing the current booklet associations. You can use the checkbox to the left of each booklet type to add or remove those associations for the test administration.

This task is normally performed at the campus level, but it can be done at the district level as well. Selecting Tests will allow you to see the grade level and subject test(s) within a test administration.  After selecting Tests, you may be prompted to select a test administration from the Select Admin drop‐down menu.

After selecting a Test Administration, you will then see a list of tests by grade level and subject.  Campus Testing Coordinators will see tests that apply to the grades/subjects offered at their campus.  If a CTC does not see a test that has been created, check the Campus setup under District Management.

Within Tests, as a district user, you will also have the ability to upload a specific list of students to a particular test. This feature is useful when the students who will be participating in the test are not easily added by any of the following methods available to campus users:

  • Grade – students tested may cross grade levels
  • Course – students may not be enrolled in the course for which they will test
  • Individual – using this method campus users must enter a local ID to add a student
  • Selection – a list of all students at a campus will be shown and the campus user must select each one

To access this feature, click Select next to the specific test listed.

Once you have clicked Select, the screen will refresh. At the top of the screen (below) you will see where you can click to Upload a file of the students for that test.

Tests Student Upload File Structure:

  • DistrictID – 6 digit county district number
  • CampusID – 3 digit campus ID (the leading zeroes will not hold in a CSV file)
  • StudentID – locally assigned student ID

The column headings in your file must match those listed above for the import to be successful. Additionally, the file must be a “.csv” file. A separate file must be created for each test.

Click on Choose File and a window will pop‐up (below). Navigate to the file you wish to upload and click Open.

After selecting the file, you will be brought back to the Tests screen, where you will click Upload

Note:  If your campuses are using Multi-Session Scheduling, test sessions have to be created at the campus level prior to the upload of a student file at the district level.

The following recommendations are meant to serve as a guide if you consolidate campuses for summer testing.

Data Feeds & Student Campus Assignment - DTC Must Perform These Tasks

Update Student Data file for re-testers at consolidated campuses.

      • Requirements: you will need

        1. The student data file that is sent to TestHound.
        2. A file with a list of IDs for re-testers. 
        3. Create and configure the new campus(es) in TestHound for summer testing.
  • Data Feeds & Student Campus Assignment

    • Turn off the nightly data feeds to ensure any changes made to student campus assignment will not be overwritten by nightly data
    • Ensure all accommodations for students are entered into TestHound and verified prior to turning off the nightly data feeds
    • The DTC can create a summer testing campus within TestHound as a location for housing SSI retesters during the June administration
    • Edit the student data upload to associate SSI retesters with the 3 digit campus ID of the summer testing campus and manually upload the data in District Management > Students > Upload Data. It is best if you ADD the Student IDs and summer campus IDs to the bottom of the file that is being sent nightly and re-upload the whole thing.
    • The DTC can assign a CTC to the summer testing campus

    Accommodations and Assigning Students to Tests

    • The CTC must process the New student alerts to add the students to the summer testing campus
    • The CTC will need to pull student accommodation histories for previously entered accommodations to be associated with students
    • The CTC can upload a list of students needing to participate in the summer retests within each test (i.e. Grade 5 Reading, Grade 5 Math, etc.)
      • [+] > Students > Add > File
      • The file contains a header (StudentID) and the local ID of each student needing to participate in the first column and must be saved as a .csv.
      • If you are a performance tracker district, and you have loaded the latest data file of scores, CTCs should be able to add students to the test using the add by retesters option in the test.
      • The CTC may create the necessary test administrators if needed, and rooms at the summer testing campus


    • To associate the inventory with the summer testing campus, ensure transfers are initiated by the DTC to the summer campus and received by the CTC at the summer testing campus
    • After transfers have been received the CTC may assign students to test booklets
    • At the end of testing, all material will be scanned to boxes at the summer testing campus