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titleMaterials > Inventory Overview

Selecting Materials > Inventory will allow you to see the secure test booklet types and barcode ranges within a test administration. After selecting Materials > Inventory, you will be prompted to choose a Test Administration from the Select Admin drop-down menu.

The materials will be listed by the entity, i.e., district overage, and each campus. If the number of booklets scanned matches the amount indicated by the testing vendor, the table entries would be uncolored.  If the secure material has not been scanned, the records will be colored pink.

Depending on the publisher, your inventory checklist:

  • may be uploaded directly into TestHound for you.  TestHound will receive the file directly from the publisher.  You will be able to take inventory as soon as you have booklets arrive, and do not have to wait until the publisher makes the file available.  File availability depends solely on the publisher.  An example of this type of inventory would be something published by ETS.
  • may need to be created by the campus testing coordinator by adding the checklist items manually at the campus level.  Manual entry at campus level occurs when the publisher does not provide a file for inventory verification, or when some of the items are missing and expected in a follow-up file, such as Braille or Large Print.  In this situation, follow the process listed below for Adding Checklist Items to create your inventory checklist.
  • may be uploaded by the district coordinator for test administrations where the vendor does not provide the checklist to TestHound but rather to the district (Pearson).

STAAR Alt 2 download directions:

The checklist is available to download from Pearson Access Next under Published Reports – Alt 2 Security Checklist. The file is found under “Published Reports.”      

Be sure to choose the .csv version of the file. 

Once you have the file in a .csv format, you’ll be able to upload it under District Management > Materials > Inventory.   

  1. Select either the STAAR From your District, Materials, Inventory menu, select either the STAAR ALT 2 EOC or STAAR ALT 2 3-8 administration, then click on the icon with an then click on the icon with an arrow pointing upward in a blue box to upload the file that you download from Pearson. 
  2. Only upload the inventory file into one of the STAAR ALT 2 administrations - the file will be split into the appropriate test administrations for you. 
  3. Once the file is uploaded, your district and campus inventory will be managed just like STAAR 3-8 and EOC. 

The Pearson inventory module is done by individual booklets rather than packets.  While there is no way to scan in a range of booklets at once, this should not significantly increase your processing time.  Simply scan the bar code of each cover sheet and move to the next booklet.  The cover sheet means you do not have to open the packets until you are ready.